Things that Attract Rats

All homes regardless of its size will not be safe from a rat infestation. This situation can lead to a complex and expensive situation. In addition, you can also expose your family to health threats since rats are known for carrying zoonotic diseases. Knowing what attracts this animal will help you avoid dealing with a rat infestation and prevent any damages that we may incur. In this article, we will discuss the different elements in your house that may act as an attractant.

Elements That Can Attract the Interest of the New Jersey Rats
The rats will not randomly choose the house that they will infest. It needs to have various elements that will make their life easier and comfortable. The place should also keep them away from the attack of the predators.

Unsecured Trashcan
Improper waste management can definitely draw the interest of the Hackensack rodents. Your garbage bin may contain food scraps and other perishable items that can serve as sustenance to the rat. If your trashcan does not come with a proper cover, expect that the rats and other nuisance creature will take advantage of it. In order to avoid this, you will have to make sure that the lid will be closed properly. Do not leave any waste hanging outside. You may place cinderblocks or bricks on top of the trashcan if it does not have a proper lock. You should also clean the exterior part of the garbage occasionally to eliminate the waste residue.

Pet Food
If there are rat activities within your community, avoid feeding your pets outside your house. The pet food has a greasy and sweet odor that can serve as a magnet to these pesky critters. If there are any food scraps left outside be sure that you will clear them. Your birdfeeder can also be the cause of the rodent infestation. Consider placing them away from your house or temporarily remove them at least until the rats decided to leave your home.

Possible Shelter
There are different reasons why the Hackensack rats will choose to move inside our house. They will establish their nest close to their hunting area. They may also take shelter inside our house during the winter. To prevent this from happening, you need to seal all the access holes that they can use. Be sure to seal the holes once you are sure that the rat is outside your house; otherwise, they can end up being trapped inside. Remove the materials that they can use to build their nest and dispose it properly. You should also trim the grass and remove the debris and wood piles that the mice can use to conceal their body.

By eliminating the factors that can attract the attention of the rat, you will be able to keep your house rat-free. Having a scarcity on food sources and the presence of the predator will make our place less-desirable to the eye of the rats. You may also reach the hotline of the local wildlife control agency if you are facing a rat problem.

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