Effective Ways to Scare the Squirrels Away

Squirrels are cute and endearing animal. Watching them while they run in their natural environment can be fun. However, once they invade your property, they have a destructive nature that can turn our house upside down. They can steal the seeds on your birdfeeders. They can also eat plants and fruits in your yard. When inside the house, they can chew electric insulation and wooden beams that will expose our investment through different risks.

How to Scare the Hackensack Squirrels Away
When getting rid of the squirrels, you must make sure that your property is not attractive to them. You can also protect the plants in your yard using simple scare tactics. These are necessary to protect your property from the attack of squirrels.

Squirrel Repellent
You can use squirrel repellent to create a barrier around your house. This is recommended to use before spring season since the squirrels have not yet established their nest in your house. You can purchase a commercial repellent or concoct your own homemade repellent. The strong scent of the repellent is intended to create an environment where they will feel uncomfortable. Another potent repellent that can scare them is made from the urine of their predator. Once they smell the urine, this gives them the assumption that there is a predator nearby. Use this repellent around the places where squirrels are often found.

Spreading Hair of their Predator
An excellent way to scare the squirrels is to use the hair of the predator. The Hackensack squirrels hate the presence of the predator since they consider this as a threat. You can visit your local salon and ask them for some hair that you can disperse in the key areas of your house. You can also use the hair of your pets. To ensure that the hair will not be blown away by the wind, you can cover it slightly with dirt. In case you do not have dogs in your house, consider adopting today. They can help you minimize the unwanted visit of the squirrel. Be certain that you will choose a breed that has the energy to chase the squirrel away.

Using Motion-Activated Device
For those who have the resources, you might want to invest on a motion-activated device. You can introduce a sprinkler that comes with a sensor in your yard. This will blast the New Jersey squirrel with water but will not harm them. This is only intended to scare them. There are also motion activated lights that may scare the animal. However, since squirrels are diurnal animals, this may not work against them. Perhaps the best way to deal with a squirrel infestation is to hire the service of the wildlife removal specialist. They can inspect your house and look for the root cause of your problem. They can also devise a comprehensive plan that is designed to permanently protect your house against the invasion of the squirrels and other animals. They can offer you sound advice that may help in dealing with the nuisance creatures.

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